About Hillel

Welcome to Hillel

Hillel is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of providing formal Jewish education in Stockholm.

Under the umbrella of the Hillel organisation there are two key departments; Hillelskolan and Hillelgården preschool.
Hillelskolan offers a primary school education with a Jewish profile and has 250 pupils ranging from kindergarten to grade 6 (ages 6-12). It is managed as an independent school.
Hillelgården preschool has 125 children, between the ages of 1-5 years old, divided into eight groups.

Our pedagogy is based on the Swedish curriculum both at the school and at the preschool, with the Jewish profile added as an additional dimension to the schools.
We also have an after-school centre for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade as well as an in-house kitchen that provides us with kosher food prepared from scratch.

Are you interested in sending your child to Hillel? 

You can apply to Hillel’s preschool by clicking the link displayed below.

  • Apply here to the preschool.

If you wish to apply to Hillel’s school, please fill in an application form and send it directly to us.
Please note that we operate a queue system.

  •   Apply here to the school.

Hillel’s vision reads:
Every child who leaves Hillel shall have reached their full knowledge potential, be a good citizen and have a solid foundation to make further choices within the Jewish spectrum.